February 2012

How to prepare your dental practice for a corporation to purchase

Since Blue Jay Dental works with many corporations nationwide, we often get asked what corporations look for when buying a dental practice.  Here are some helpful tips that we have learned along the way.

1. Corporations like practices that have been successful.  The bench mark gross revenue and profitability varies from corporation to corporation, but most like to see a dental practice with at least $600,000 in yearly gross revenue

Florida Dentist Jobs-- 10 New Dentist Jobs on the coast

Dentists interested in moving to the state of Florida should consider Blue Jay Dental to help.  Blue Jay is located in Palm Harbor Florida and has relationships with numerous private and corporate dental practices in the state.  Currently, Blue Jay has 10 beautiful coastal dentist job opportunities with great pay and continuing education.

Most dental opportunities in Florida are open to new graduate or resident dentists and there will be more coming soon as new offices by one of Blue Jay's vendors opens some new offices in the Clearwater area.